To whom it may concern…

Well. it’s been quite some time that I wanted to open a blog and today I finally did it. I guess I couldn’t be bothered because, well apparently people don’t usually read blogs that much anymore. And if you think this is just bullshit… you might be right.

The main reason why I’ve decided to open up a blog now, after so long, is because I’ve been looking for a job and i’ve applied to many companies. One of these companies – Toptal – wanted me to write a post of why would I want to work with them. Apparently they believe “good writing requires an organized, concise mind, a quality that is essential for great developers to have”.

This got me thinking… maybe they are right… I mean, I never thought about it that way. Many of my colleagues at college were brilliant programmers but quite introvert when it came to writing down or expressing themselves. I always figured out expressing emotions, feelings and thoughts, had little to do with algorithms, math, design and software patterns. For all I know i’m a pretty good programmer, so if I nail this, then they might have a point!

Oh, my dear reader…  and just to give you a heads up before I start, this is not going to be a love sucking contest in which I express my love towards Toptal. I barely know the company so I’d rather let them say why they are a lovely company doing what they do (which , to be honest, i’m not entirely sure…). Soooooo here we go and wish me luck!!


The truth is, the reason why I want to work in Toptal – and i’m just being completely honest here – is not Toptal itself. I just got to meet the company today. There are many things in this planet to be aware of, and I haven’t had the chance or the opportunity to meet you guys. And I know you guys will receive hundreds of applications every day but, to be fair, I also am sending my fair share of applications to many other potential companies that are also hiring.

Looking for a new job after a Volunteering experience in Nepal is quite a tough task. For me it is requiring a lot of patience and meditation, as to realize where my next step in life is. If this is the first thing you guys are going to read about me, then you should know Nepal changed everything. Now, when I say everything, I mean everything. From top to bottom. In my carreer as a Computer Engineer i’ve been asigned both very exciting and boring tasks. I’ve had to deal with both nice and terrible clients that both praised and complained about many of the things me or my team were working on. I always saw work as a way to keep living. To earn money, to buy a house, to buy a new phone or repair my 20 y/o car whenever it broke down.

Many of the things I did while working were fun to do, but in a way, they felt meaningless and empty. Only another programmer can see how cool your work is. Whenever I talked to any of my non tech related bosses about what I did or what I was working, they would look at me as if I was gandalf speaking about magic.

Are you serious? Gandalf?
What are you talking about?

I’m not saying I didn’t like my job. I didn’t like some parts of my job, I did enjoy my job, but it wasn’t really fullfilling, I just didn’t love it

And then I volunteered with this incredible NGO. They had a well run, well organized, properly funded project rebuilding schools affected by the Nepali 2015 Earthquake. For the first time in my life, I felt that what I was doing would actually help people, and would cause a propper impact in the life of so many children and families for generations to come.

I did what had to be done, worked very hard and offered the very best of myself. I had never properly felt it before. I was in an environment where getting along was just so easy.

We would all wake up at six in the morning, and we’d be ready and working by seven. We’d carry bricks, move sand, cut wood, carry more bricks, sift sand, pour concrete slabs, fill holes with mud and bricks, load and unload trucks , did I mention carrying bricks? I’d see women <— this —> small carry heavy bags of cement just for the sake of helping. And whenever you had no idea of how to do anything – something rather common, since most people had never been in a construction site before – someone would just pop and help you out. The feeling of companionship was just so breathtaking, it washed all worries away.

Don’t be mistaken, work was hard , the sun was punishing at midday, and cold was noticed throughout the night and early morning. Waking up to the himalayan winter is no easy task. Showers were cold (until I did something about it 🙂 ) , and for a while I felt all I was doing was Building schools, carrying bricks (what’s this brick doing in my sleeping bag?) and saying good bye to wonderful people I would probably never see again. It was a bittersweet experience to know the world was full of wonderful people that think likewise –  all worried about each other, knowing no matter where we come from, we are all in this together – and then having to say good bye to most of them for ever. There were very sad nights and very sad good byes that got me thinking, that made me feel lonely. But be that as it may, the next morning I would wake up,  keep the work going and keep doing my best.

The experience gave me a lot of perspective, of how lucky some of us are without realizing it. Of how much we have to thank life, or god, or the gods, or our parents or family members. Even the tiniest things, like running tap water, or a propper roof to shelter under. I now see with different eyes, with a completely new perspective, and a different point of view.

Ever since, i’ve known I want to keep doing those kind of experiences. I want to travel the world I haven’t yet seen enough of, and offer my help, share my knowledge with others,  meet different cultures, understand their problems and become a better, wiser person. I believe – call it life, god, the universe or your mother if you wish – we’ve been given a precious gift and i’ve taken it as my duty to give back to others.

I’ve been searching for remote jobs, and regular jobs throughout the internet for over a month now. And then, one day scanning through we work remotely I stumbled across this job vacancy.

Now, i’ve seen many job offerings seem very appealing, but not all of them go on about it like this

This is a remote position that can be done from anywhere.

Freedom to choose your own schedule and choose from a variety of hourly, part-time, and full-time projects.

The ability to work from wherever you want. Whether you prefer traveling and working from exotic beaches or spending time with your family and working from home, the choice is yours.

Access to a thriving, collaborative community of talented peers.

Invitations to frequent Toptal events going on around the world, including dinners, tech talks, conferences, and more.

Extremely competitive compensation.

Wow, that seemed interesting, and as I kept reading, I found out that the admission system was quite simple, unlike so many websites where they require you to fill in your history and employment to their own system (which takes ages, is stressing , time consuming and normally filled with many bugs… can’t they get that info directly from linkedin? seriously? How professional did YOU say you were again? do I really need to fill all of that information AGAIN? ). They then suggested I should write about me wanting to work for them. Since i found that a very good (and original) point, I thought this was a must try!

So, to whom it may concern, I honestly haven’t had the time to read the whole company’s website to know exactly what you do ( I have however, read the job description!). To be fair i’d rather discover that as we get to know each other. However I’ve finally opened this blog – ending over one and a half years of procrastination – and written my first post in it. I’d say that is something you guys alone have motivated me to do :-)).

I’m not incredibly fond of working for you guys – even though i’m sure we will get along really well  – but the opportunity that you bring to me is really good and interesting. And it opens me the posibility to work partially where I really want, and where i’m really needed (as long as there is internet :)) .

And that is what really motivates me, gets me going, and wants me to join your team. I’d tell you all about the wonderful people I met, the Roshnis, the Rupas, Prajwals, Shristis, Bhawanis, Sushils, Sangitas, Tulashas, Rajendras, Souyanjas, and Krishnas and many more I was blessed to meet, but you have more candidates to review, and I have more job openings to search for, so if I ever end up working with you guys ( if i nailed this post…) , these are the kind of people i’ll also be helping.

Until then… सेवा नै धर्म हो !

PS: Joomla > WordPress.

PS2: Apparently you also want this link in the post, i’m guessing you are trying to improve your page rank by referals? Does google know about this? :-)… well it’s fine for me so there you go.

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