To whom it may concern (Wow, this post title never gets old!)

Yes, it’s you who I’m looking at right now, it is to you to whom I’m writing this letter (stop smiling at the phone like that, people are going to think you are crazy! ). I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right moment (I said stop smiling !!!) or the right thing to do. We come from such different places, होइन ?

I know you are busy studying, but today I need a minute from you, I want to get something out of my chest, but before doing that, I need to put you a bit in context, so I must start this letter by stating how much I miss my loved country. I am a bit homesick. (Hey! don’t judge me for this!) I love Spain, I love my people, my culture, and I feel it calling me back. This is something difficult to understand if you don’t live there and haven’t experienced the culture. मेरो यात्रा लामो भएको छ.

You see… हामी , हाम्रोमा बिदेशी हुन्दैन . Spain is not all about being “Western” and living life as fast as possible in our famous parties until sunrise. We Spanish have a proud reputation for being stubborn and fighting for what we love and we believe in. It’s about standing for our loved ones, helping each other and spending time with each other, creating magical memories full of joy and fun. Spain is about laughing about our problems (our humour is very unique, but of course you know this cos you are always laughing when I’m around). Sometimes I feel I love Spain so much that I when I hear Spanish being spoken in the streets of Tammel it makes me feel a bit like home.

मेरो यात्रामा, तपाइको सस्कृति बजेको छु  (I know you don’t believe me but I promise I have!!!). Yours is a very nice country, one that I’ve grown fond of and loved so much despite how crazy its roads and traditions are. I find very shocking how a culture so loving and caring can also be so harsh with women. Even though  I can’t properly agree with why girls can’t be seen drunk in public or smoking, I can understand the feeling it produces. It is true, it has taken me a while to see the bigger picture, i’ll give you that.

We come indeed, from very different places. And yet I am astonished of the many things that you and I have in common (despite the fact you eat so much daal bhaat).  I  also know you have tried very hard to try to get a Sari to look as good on you as it could look on me. Keep trying, you’ll get there.

Today I write to you this letter because I know you are scared. And it’s normal (it fucking scares the shit out of me too sometimes!). I know the odds are not in our favour and things seem to be a little difficult. But that’s not going to stop me. I believe Walls don’t exist to prevent you from walking your own path. I believe these walls in the path exist as a proof of how much you wanted to walk it. And I have never been more sure about anything in my life. The minute we met volunteering (I’d say that’s a good presentation card) I knew it was you. It’s not only that sexy look that makes my heart stop whenever our eyes cross.  That huge heart you have towards helping others.  Whenever we meet I feel like inside a movie, waiting for the producer to shout “ACTION!!” and start filming. And I promise I can hear मेरो जीवन ले as a voice-over telling me to stay right next to you.

Today I want to transmit to you a little bit of the faith and determination my culture has taught me to have. I want to show you that giving up after a while is not something we learn in Spain. As I said before, fighting for what we believe is something we are taught from the very beginning. We learn this lesson and we stick with it till the very end.

There is nothing I want more than for you to meet my culture so that you too can understand me the way I understand you (That has not been an easy task :-P) with context about where I come from.

I want to bring you to Spain and show you the food, the beaches, the people, the culture and all the love that Spain has to offer. It’s not only good food, nice mountains and incredible beaches in summer. It’s about how we care for each other. It’s about how we laugh about ourselves when we fuck up. I want to show you Spain so you can fall in love with my country the same way I have fallen in love with yours ( नेपालाई कति माया गर्च्चु ).

I also want to show you a little bit of how welcoming Spain is. This is why I must ask a favour to the rest of you, friends and family, to help me out on this one. Nepal is a different culture and I want you guys to vouch for me. Chicos, necesito que me echeis una manita y deis la cara por mi y por las cosas buenas de nuestro país. Amigos y amigas, os pido que comenteis esta publicación de Facebook y que hagais ruido. Please help me make some noise. Help me reach whomever it may concern by commenting #ivouch this facebook post. If you have met me and believe in me, please vouch for me. Estas cositas son muy importantes en Nepal, ayudadme a que sienta un poco el calor de España . El viaje es largo, la diferencia cultural es brutal y es normal que asuste un poco. Hoy os pido a todos y a todas l@s que me quereis que me ayudeis a tenderle una mano. A animarla a conocer España y conoceros a vosotros y nuestra forma de ser sin miedo.

(I guess this is what I need you guys to do for me)

To whom it may concern, I know it looks as if we are a bit late and in a hurry but we are not. This is the beginning of the rest of our lives, and I want to spend mine with you. I know it looks hard, but we are stronger than you think and there really is no hurry. लेकको छ.

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