What I learned from frustation.

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted. If I could count the number of times I’ve felt frustrated in my life, i’d probably never finish this post. Before we start, mero reader, please bear in mind that writing this post is going to make me relive frustrating – and somewhat funny- memories. I hope you – as i did – can get something out of them.

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To whom it may concern…

Well. it’s been quite some time that I wanted to open a blog and today I finally did it. I guess I couldn’t be bothered because, well apparently people don’t usually read blogs that much anymore. And if you think this is just bullshit… you might be right.

The main reason why I’ve decided to open up a blog now, after so long, is because I’ve been looking for a job and i’ve applied to many companies. One of these companies – Toptal – wanted me to write a post of why would I want to work with them. Apparently they believe “good writing requires an organized, concise mind, a quality that is essential for great developers to have”.

This got me thinking… maybe they are right… I mean, I never thought about it that way. Many of my colleagues at college were brilliant programmers but quite introvert when it came to writing down or expressing themselves. I always figured out expressing emotions, feelings and thoughts, had little to do with algorithms, math, design and software patterns. For all I know i’m a pretty good programmer, so if I nail this, then they might have a point!

Oh, my dear reader…  and just to give you a heads up before I start, this is not going to be a love sucking contest in which I express my love towards Toptal. I barely know the company so I’d rather let them say why they are a lovely company doing what they do (which , to be honest, i’m not entirely sure…). Soooooo here we go and wish me luck!! Continue reading “To whom it may concern…”